B orn the year of the "Rat" and a typical "Virgo". Technically I take it as "good"! As you know, my profession requires deep thoughts into detailed technical and production matters.

My guidance to choosing this profession came too early when I was 8 years old when my father bought me an 8mm camera. If he had given me a different toy, maybe my life would had been so....oooooo different.

"A Toy became a Tool and It became my Life."
One summer vacation, I took off to shoot a documentary film of "the life in Hiroshima City after the nuclear bomb". That was when I was 17. It successfully ended up in a 32 minute color documentary film "THE FAR END CITY" and how lucky!!! I was awarded the Best film in the National Senior High School Film Competition. My name and picture was in the newspapers and it was a sensational experience!

Upon graduation, I was instantly working as an assistant cameraman but could not resist feeling the strong traditional cameraman system. Loyalty and devotion (to your master) was the primary job requirement. During that time, I happened to work with the US crew and when I saw their DP system......!

Before I knew it, I was living in Redondo Beach. That was when I was 23. Spur of the moment decision led me to a total different world, "the American DP system" and a total workaholic.

After 1O years, I returned back to my homeland quite honestly with a lot of expectations. But to still find that not much had changed since I had left over 10 years ago.

I am currently active in Tokyo, trying to apply and promote the extensive experiences obtained in the US and in hope to awaken the traditional styles and encourage new techniques within the Japanese motion picture industry BUT at times..... it feels like the traditional film making customs and mentality goes back 2000 years just like our history.

And when is this "Land of the Rising Sun" going to join the Universe?"

I have opened up my Home Page in sincere hope that the exchange of global communication may create a better understanding and friendship amongst "all" in this Universe.

And last but not the least, my sincere gratitude to my father who has given me the guidance to lead a Cinematographer's life.
I am very thankful for it.

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