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We were all one family.

Until one day,
we no longer spoke the language of the universe.

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For eons,
you have been waiting quietly and patiently
for us to realize once again that you are there to share your secrets.

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And with all the pain and sorrow in the past and the suffering that still goes on
you are willing to light our pathway home.

It's time we recall the true language of the universe.

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All as One,
my friend
neath the sun earth will be paradise
sing a song that will never end
for here's a light that shines
We are One.

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We must take courage and kindle the flame of faith.
And faith shall be the first note played by the grand symphony of all children of Mother Earth.
May our journey together start anew.

A voice in the air tells that you care
how can we close the door and turn away.
Open our hearts and let compassion flow...
for at last, a new day is dawning......

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